iPad Programme
Office 365 Night

Our Use Of Technology

St Mary’s CBS is committed to equipping our students with the most up to date use of technology in order to meet the demands of third level education, of employment and of communication in their world.

  • We introduced iPads in 2012 and continue to encourage them to be the choice of parents and students.
  • Each classroom has a teacher’s computer with Microsoft Windows 10 and Office 16 installed and a projector.
  • We are a Microsoft 365 school which means that our teachers and students use Microsoft applications to do assignments, provide teacher feedback, assign homework, provide additional learning material in the form of videos, notes, links, etc.
  • Students each have their own email which links it all together and they learn how to save their own materials on OneDrive. They can access this information from home.
  • Each year our teachers expand their knowledge of these technologies and our Digital Learning Framework, available on our Website, outlines our Vision in this area.
  • Transition Year students have the opportunity to qualify in MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel.
  • The availability of three computer rooms in the school ensures that our students can avail of the best technology a secondary school can offer.