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What is Accelerated Reader?

Accelerated Reader is a programme for all 1st year students that helps both teachers and parents to support and monitor a students independent reading practice. The programme aims to improve literacy and comprehension skills whilst also instilling a true passion for reading in each student.

How it works? 

• Initially students take an online reading test called a ‘Star Reading Test’. This test provides us with a students reading age and also identifies the zone of proximal development (ZPD) which will guide them towards books targeting their own individual ability and thus allowing them to develop as readers.

• Students are then encouraged to read AR books within their ZPD. These are found in the school library or from the eBook library which all 1st year students have access to.

• When a student has read a book they then complete a short online quiz within 24 hours. Each quiz allows us to track a students progress and helps to improve student literacy skills.

• Students will receive a report on the quiz showing them how well they have done. Their teacher will also receive a report, that will enable them to assist students in further reading choices.

• Students earn points from their quizzes which go towards their points targets. There will be regular prizes throughout the school year for participation.