Classroom Based Assessments (CBA’s)

The new Junior Cycle offers a dual approach to assessment that supports student learning over the three years of junior cycle and also measures achievement at the end of those three years. In the case of each subject, two structured Classroom-Based Assessments will be introduced to students. In most cases, one of these Classroom-Based Assessments (CBA1) will take place in second year, and the other (CBA2) during third year. Each assessment will be drawn from a variety of types of assessment, which might include project tasks, oral language tasks, investigations, practical or designing and making tasks, field studies and artistic performance. After the second of the Classroom-Based Assessments, students will complete a written Assessment Task on what they have learned and the skills and competences that they have developed in that assessment. The Assessment Task, along with the final examination at the end of third year, will be marked by the State Examinations Commission (SEC).

Before the end of the first term following the completion of the junior cycle, each student will receive a composite Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement (JCPA) from his/her school. The JCPA will capture all of the different assessment elements undertaken over the three years of junior cycle, including the grades which will have been previously and separately issued by the SEC.

The CBA results are recorded in your son’s Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement (JCPA) It is fundamental that each student is present in class for their CBA and Assessment Tasks. Absences will only be accepted when Doctors certs are provided to school management. However, it must be noted Teachers are required to record the results of CBAs within a set timeframe so it is extremely difficult to allow for extensions. The timeframe for the completion of CBAs and ATs is given to schools by the Department of Education and will not be altered in any way.

The CBAs are reported on using the following Descriptors as outlined by the Department of Education:

  • Exceptional
  • Above Expectations
  • In-Line with Expectations
  • Yet to Meet Expectations

Important dates in the 2019/2020 School Year.


2019/2020 – CBA 1 key dates for 2nd year students

Subject Title Start DateDue Date
EnglishOral communication27/4/2015/5/20
BusinessBusiness in Action3/2/206/3/20
ScienceExtended experimental investigation1/3/2027/3/20
MFL (French & Spanish)Oral communication18/3/203/4/20
ArtFrom Process to Realisation6/1/208/5/20
MathsMathematical Investigation6/1/2024/1/20
HistoryThe Past in My Place20/2/206/3/20
GeographyGeography in the news13/1/2031/1/20
Home EconomicsCreative Textiles24/2/203/4/20
MusicComposition Portfolio Completionongoing8/5/20


2019/2020 – CBA 2 key dates for 3rd year students

Subject Title Start DateDue Date
EnglishCollection of textsongoing17/1/20
ScienceScience in society investigation9/12/1910/1/20
MFL (French & Spanish)The Student Language Portfolio24/2/2013/3/20
ArtCommunicate and Reflect9/9/1915/11/19
Irish (CBA 1)Language Portfolioongoing22/11/19
Irish (CBA 2)Communicative Task6/1/2013/3/20


In third year after completing the CBA2 each student will the Assessment Task. This is worth 10% of the final grade in that subject. It is marked by the State Examination Commission and the written element is generally completed within one class period within the normal school timetable.