Guidance & Support

Career Guidance

Ms. McEntee, Ms. C. Brennan and Ms. C. Phelan are the school’s Career Guidance Counsellors. The school provides a complete Guidance and Counselling service for all students. The Career Guidance Counsellors, work in close liaison with teachers and parents to ensure that a student can develop his potential as far as possible during his stay in the school. The service aims to meet the needs of the students during their stay in St. Mary’s.

In relation to First Years, the school makes every effort to ensure that the transition to Post-Primary is as smooth as possible. As part of this effort, the Guidance Counsellors will see all First Years during the first few months.

In Third Year the students are individually counselled about their Subject Choices for Fifth Year and the possible career consequences of the choices. To inform parents, there is a general meeting to explain Subject choice and to discuss Senior Cycle options.
The major input of career work occurs in Fifth and Sixth years. The students have access to the very best career search facilities. These consist of Computer-aided Career Searches and a full range of Career Selection Tests. At all times parents are most welcome to call to discuss their son’s progress or career options.
Study skills seminars are organised for all 1st, 3rd and 6th year students.