Year Heads

Year Heads

Year Heads look after the pastoral needs of students within their year group. They also monitor discipline within the group encouraging a courteous and respectful atmosphere amongst the pupils.

The year heads for the 2023/24 school year are:



Year Head



1st YearMs E LynchADanielle Broomfield
BMary Mulhare
CEmily Barrett
DKatrina Foley
EEmma Heffernan
FDes Mulhall
2nd YearMr G BrennanAEoin Lowry
BTara Scully
CEnda Mooney
DNirmala Dunny
EStephanie Redmond
3rd YearMr A WhiteAEvelyn Quinlan
BEvan Dunne
CMary Egan
DAoife Campion
EDeirdre Moore
Transition YearMr. P Cahillane
5th YearMr. C Ryan
6th YearMr. O Byrne
LCA CoordinatorMs AM Quinn