Tuesday the 23rd 
we celebrated our 3rd ye
ar mass with Fr David. Our 3rd year mass
capstones students past 3years in the CBS a
d r
ecognises the times the boys have had tog
as they embark on T.Y or 5th year.
The theme of this years mass was ‘memories’. Students placed posters with pictures of the classes Alex, Bobby, Christiano, Eric&Dwight behind the alter. While Barry Connelly&Ross Brennan put together the alter with students memories of their past 3 years in school.
The words ‘you don’t know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory’ was a special quote placed firmly at the centre of celebrations.
Fr. Vard spoke to students about resilience and being the hero of their own story. While Mr O’Leary shared fondly his first memories of students. He commended students on the young men that they were developing into and wished them well in their Junior Cycle exams. Our music was from the brilliant 
Matthew O’Rourke and Antonio Calka.
The lads finished off the afternoon with the biggest pizza party to date in the CBS.

Wishing all our 3rd years the very best of luck in your Junior Cycle exams next week.

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