The National Service Development Manager for ADHD Ireland has sent an invitation to our school regarding a day event held in Portlaoise for students with ADHD. The conference is also relevant to students with DCD, Dyspraxia and/or Dyslexia. The ADHD Ireland Teen Conference is in Portlaoise on Monday 20th November 9.30am until 3.30pm. This happens to be a JCT day where the teachers of St Mary’s CBS cannot attend because they are needed on the school premises. However, you could register your son to attend the conference if you wish with Ms. Nicola Coss, 086 0235746. 


This is the first event of its kind in the country and I’m very excited to be hosting this inaugural event in my hometown. The schedule includes ADHD life experiences, professional self-development workshops, ADHD Coaching and a podcast room complimented by creative classes like Zumba and a sensory room facilitated by local partner organisation ‘All Abilities Ireland’. The finale comedy show will be hosted by Bob Hennigan, is a well-known comedian and following a diagnosis of ADHD in his 40s, Bob has started to speak of his experience with the condition and is touring Ireland with his ADHD-themed show ‘It Doesn’t ADhD Up’.  


This will be a fun and educational experience for all young students to learn about the condition for themselves, especially those who maybe struggling. All teens welcome and students, they don’t need an ADHD diagnosis, those with dyspraixa, DCD, ASD and/dyslexia are also welcome!