Amber flag team has bonding trip in Activity Centre Kilkenny

This month’s theme is exercise. Exercise releases endorphins which make us feel good, promotes good body image and helps us to set goals. Getting regular exercise makes us feel good and helps mind our minds. It helps us to distress and relax and can help us socialise too. There are so many options available there’s something for everyone. See our Exercise in Portlaoise wall for the gyms, fitness classes, sports club, walking trails, water sports and so much more.
The team decided to try a fun new method of exercise at the Kilkenny Adventure centre completing an assault course and paint-balling session accompanied by Ms.Murphy and Ms.Buckley who were assassinated quickly in each round.
It was a fantastic day which has helped our team come closer together and helped us get to know our new 1st year members.

Amber Flag Activity Centre 2015