This year there will be no book rental scheme, nor lists of books for parents to buy. 

All texts and workbooks required for the coming year will be provided to each student in years 1-3 in August.
There is a specific list of materials schools should provide to each student, which I will explain after I explain the textbooks first. 


Those 2nd and 3rd years in September with iPads will continue to have the same texts as last year on their iPads. You have a 3 year license for most of them. Your sons will receive the new English, Maths Irish, Spanish or French ebooks on return to school when you get the new physical books from us at that time. The codes will be onside the vover, as before. Mr Brennan will explain all that to you, as required. Third years will need no new texts. Just exam papers. 

All going into 2nd year who were in book rental last year, should have, and still can, return their English, Maths, Irish and Spanish  books to the school as we need them to pass into our new 1st years. Just leave them into the GPA inside the door if you haven’t done so already. You will receive your new texts in August. The levels of Maths and Irish will be decided on return to class. That will decide what texts they receive. 

2nd years who had bought their own books last year need buy no more textbooks for September as your son will also receive the English Irish Maths and French or Spanish texts, as required, on return to school. 

First years will receive all their textbooks and work books in August, before school begins. We will notify you on the day/evening they can be collected. This will be during the week of August 19th. There is a Parents Info Night that week as well. (See letter to incoming 1st year parents published last Sunday)

Other School Materials

Those who are going into 2nd and 3rd year: As you already have your Graphics Kits, Art folders, scientific calculator, maths set etc and they were meant to last for 3 years, you won’t be getting these in 2nd or 3rd year. The zip folders and display books you had you need to keep as you are only entitled to one of each on the Scheme.

Those starting 1st year: The list from the Dept of Education
does not include a  maths set, pens, pencils, highlighters, more than 12 hardback copies or small copies, more than 1 zip folder, more than 1 20 page display folder. 
does include the specific copies for Business, Science, Music for the year ahead. 
does cover the practical subject fees for Woodwork, Engineering, Graphics, etc which parents used to pay. 

As each subject has specific requirements, the proper list will be published on this App on Monday, for 1st, 2nd, 3rd years telling you what you will receive and what you need to provide for your son yourself. I fully appreciate this is confusing for everyone, and has been for ourselves as well. There are so many possibilities across all 450 + students to be catered for individually. 

Thank you.