The Management and Staff of St Mary’s CBS totally condemn the events which unfolded in Dublin on Thursday evening. As a multicultural, multinational and multilingual school, we want our students and their families to know that they are welcome to our school, to our town and to our country. As Irish, we know how emigration has been and continues to be a constant part of our heritage and we appreciate how well the Irish are welcomed and treated abroad. Violence and rascism have no part in a civilised and modern Ireland  and understand that many will be fearful of Thursday night’s events heralding a change in how they are treated in future. 

All our lives are valuable. All our children are to be protected and supported in whatever way we can, as a school. As always, RESPECT, is the most important value in St Mary’s CBS, and we assure you that it will continue to be so. Take care. 

#IrelandForAll #IrelandAgainstRacism