The 1st year OPTIONS for your sons were posted yesterday, Friday 9th May. You should have them on Monday.

The 5th year OPTIONS will be posted on Monday, June 12th and you will have them on Tuesday.

The BOOKLISTS for all years will be posted to this App during the coming week and also sent to AllBooks. I will notify you on this app when they are uploaded. They will also be on our website.

SHAWS have informed me that their uniform section will be stocked and ready for the last week of June. 

Students’ SUMMER REPORTS will be sent out at the end of this coming week. (1st, 2nd, 5th)


1st years going into 2nd year, who are in BOOK RENTAL must return the English, Irish, Maths, French, Spanish books from 1st year as they are no longer useful in 2nd year. As agreed when entering Book Rental, if books are not returned or badly damaged, the parent is responsible for the replacement cost of same.  

Second years will receive their replacement texts, as required, when they return to school in late August – but only upon full payment of the €70 which is due for the 2nd year books. No books will be given to students without full payment. 

Third years in Book Rental will have no further payments to make and no extra books to receive. 

Third years in Book Rental, currently sitting their Junior Cert Exams, should continue to leave their textbooks in the GPA as they finish the exams in those subjects.

We wish all students and their families a good summer break, relaxing and safe. Thank you all for your support this past school year. It had both its highs and its lows, but as a school community we all supported each other through those times and will continue to do so. Take care.