Dear Parents of all students currently in 3rd Year and TY,

Your sons have important decisions to make in the coming weeks re:  applying  for Transition Year, choosing subjects for 5th Year., and whether to do LCVP for the Leaving Certificate. As in previous years, we have organised a number of Information Nights for Parents and in-school presentations for the students to help inform your decisions.

  • For any 3rd years who are interested in applying for Transition Year next year , there

is a Parents’ Information Evening on Monday 22nd February at 7pm.

  • Ms Carroll and Ms Gillson will do a TY Presentation  for the 3rd Years on the following day, Tuesday 23rd
  • Students will receive the TY applications that day and must submit that by Monday 29th
  • Interviews will be held on the 2nd ,3rd and 4th of March by Ms Carroll and Ms Gillson.
  • The list of those being offered a place will be posted on Tuesday 8th
  • There will be 72 places in Transition Year in September 2016.

Once the Transition Year class has been decided, all remaining students in 3rd Year and those in Transition Year at present, must turn their attention to what subject options they will choose and also if they are going to take up the challenge of doing LCVP as a subject. (Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme). Information will be presented on the following days/nights:

  • Friday morning 11th March for students – 5th Year Option subjects and LCVP
  • Tuesday 15th March at 7pm – Presentation to Parents about 5th Year Options and LCVP.#

Students begin their Easter holidays on Thursday 17th March allowing everyone time to think and discuss what they’ve heard. Students return on Monday 4th April. They must submit their completed Option Choice Slips on Tuesday 5th April. We encourage you to take the time to consider these decisions carefully. We also encourage students to be asking questions of their subject teachers NOW, about the subjects they teach for the Leaving Certificate.

There is a long process to creating a Timetable for next August. Your son cannot expect to get his option choices if he submits his list late. Please ensure he makes his choices for the right reasons and that he submits it on time.

We look forward to meeting you at these meetings. Thank you for all your support in helping us provide the best education we can deliver for your son.

Yours sincerely,


Maura Murphy