Further to a recent cyber incident in St Mary’s CBS, we’d like to advise our school community of the following:
  • If you get any odd emails / requests from our school through email, try to contact that person through another means (such as a phone call) to verify that it was them.
  • Unusual emails sent from school email addresses asking to click on links etc. should be deleted as these are phishing emails.
  • Phishing is a type of social engineering where an attacker sends a fraudulent (“spoofed”) message designed to trick the recipient into revealing sensitive information to the attacker or to deploy malicious software on the school’s network.
  • Often, phishing emails can appear in your inbox from someone you trust. This is likely because that person’s email address was compromised.
  • In most cases, the simplest thing to do is delete the phishing email. Before doing so, mark the message as ‘spam’ so that you do not continue to receive repeated messages from that email address or number.