In the last year, we have reviewed, created and approved several policies which are important to daily school life. They are: The Anti-bullying Policy (March 23), The Concussion Policy (Dec 22), The Substance Misuse Policy (Nov 23) and most recently the Code of Behaviour (Jan 24).

The Code of Behaviour has had several changes made in particular with regard to lateness and the sanction of detention, to the confiscation of phones and their collection, and the sanction for mitching (leaving school without permission) which has been changed from a 3 day suspension to having to sit a 2 hour Saturday Morning Detention. We feel that we have moved with the times and what parents also see to be common sense and ask parents that they read through the most relevant sections to their own son(s). At all times, we try to work with students and their parents/guardians to maintain a calm and peaceful school environment which promotes respect and enables learning. 

Please find school policies on the App under the tab ‘School’ and then click on ‘School Code & Policies’. Once in that you can scroll to find most information about our school, programmes, policies, etc.

Thank you for your support.