Principal’s Letter to Parents & Guardians


This link will take parents/guardians to a letter from the Principal about their son’s return to school in August – dates, books, Readmission Form, etc. As the summer passes, this notification will move lower down the list of notifications, so I have put it under School/School Code & Policies which will be easier to find by the time August comes. Scroll to the very end of that list and you will find the Letter to Parents & Guardians June 2024, the Readmission Form for your son(s), and the School Assistance Form for 5th Years, as well.

Incoming 1st year families will receive their own letter in the post early this week, along with the list of materials (not school books) which you will need to purchase which the School Book Scheme does not cover. 

We wish everyone a lovely summer and hope we get the good weather, soon! Regards, Maura Murphy