Schoolbag at a glance:

This school year we introduced Schoolbag for parents and students. As part of our School Improvement Plan, homework has been earmarked as our third strand, after Literacy and Numeracy. We believe it will prove itself to be a game changer for how homework is recorded by students and teachers, communicated to and supported by parents and in the end, done by students.

What is Schoolbag?

Schoolbag is not an app, it’s an email for parents. It is sent each evening around 5pm with the homework assigned by each teacher during that day for your son. Parents who have been using it find it an excellent help in supporting their sons doing their homework. There were a few beginner’s glitches which have now been sorted. Some parents with 2 sons found they only got one son’s work, but this has now been sorted. Third years were unable to sign in but again, that has been fixed as well.

How do parents get the Schoolbag email?

Parents who have not done so already, but wish to access Schoolbag, should contact the school office and submit their own email for inclusion. They will then receive an email from Schoolbag every evening about 5pm to show them the homework which has been given to their son(s) that day.

This is how students sign into it:

All 1st, 2nd and 3rd years have been given their Microsoft ID and passwords for sign in. They type in into their browser and then click on the Microsoft 365 (written in red) link which allows them to use their Microsoft 365 school user and password. This takes them straight to their own account. After that keep it as a favourite or bookmark it for future use.

No cost, no hassle, it can be accessed from your own smart phone. Please do check it out after Christmas!