Our school’s Annual Mass took place in St Peter & Paul’s Church on Thursday 7th September. Much preparation went into this occasion and it was carried off beautifully by all the students. In particular, we would like to acknowledge the work of the Religion teachers, especially Ms C Brennan who was the main organiser. Fr David and Fr Paddy together said the Mass and it was our first time to have Fr David at a school occasion. We hope he enjoys his time in Portlaoise Parish. The musicians provided the beautiful music and several students did readings and Prayers of the Faithful. Our school is multi-faith and multi-cultural and all our students attended, even those of other faiths. It was important that we began the new school year as a school community. Although we are all under the one roof all day and everyday, we are often going in dozens of directions. For that hour we were all given the opportunity to look ahead and have some quiet time. We would like to thank the priests of the Parish for making this annual Mass possible.