Scifest was a fantastic success on Thursday 14th The Sports Hall was full of TY and 2nd year science projects representing all aspects of the sciences. Initially only 5 winners were to be selected to go forward to Carlow IT to the Regional Finals, but the standard was so high that the judges contacted Carlow to ask would they accept a greater number of finalists…which they did. Ten projects will represent St Mary’s CBS Portlaoise in the Regional Finals in Carlow. Many thanks and much credit go to the Science teachers who put such time and effort into planning Scifest since September- Ms Felle and MS Carroll. The first Scifest in 2015 had 70 participants with approximately 210 projects.
The Scifest judges made a video of our day:

1st place Sam Bolton & Eoghan Brennan
2nd place Timmy Olatunbosun
3rd place Conor McEvoy Duff, Annan Atiq, Tristan Kelly
4th place Jordan Ratcliffe, Ruairi Cross, Sidney Pindi (Communicator Award)

1st place Mark McCormack
2nd place Robin Bolton, Shae Walshe, Jordan Overton
3rd place Luan Fletcher
4th place Adam Stafford (Most Innovative)
5th place Jack Hetherington
6th place Nathan Hayes, Luke Gibney