On Wednesday January  17th, Tess, who are the attendance branch of Tusla, held a conference to review the Guidelines for Schools’ Codes of Behaviour. Students representatives from 5 schools were invited to attend and give their opinions on what they believe the future guidelines to schools should look like. This was serious, these guidelines will become the basis of the codes of behaviour of all Irish schools, and will be around for a number of years, once finalised. There will be conferences held around the country and all input will be collated and considered.

Four of our students: Harry Delaney in 2nd year, Leon Doheny in 3rd year, Demi Sonupe in 5th year and Love Omoijade in TY volunteered to represent St Mary’s CBS. It was a task that called for maturity and fairness – where students realise that there has to be rules to keep people safe, but that they should be fair and have a reason to be there in the first place. 

I was reliably informed this morning that our students did us proud yesterday. Their maturity, their ability to articulate ideas, their manners and respect for the process at hand – they were excellent. We are very proud of them.