Good morning to all our students and parents for whom going into 5th Year for 2017-18 is relevant.
Thank you for attending our Parents Information Night on Wednesday 5th April and we hope you are now in a good position to make informed choices about how to proceed with subject option and with LCVP.
I wish to share the following link so that you can read about the individual subjects at Leaving Certificate. You are most likely to be interested in a small number of the listed subjects.

Subject Teachers will deliver this Information in a simpler and more accessible format at a student seminar on Friday morning. This event is organised by the Guidance Department in collaboration with the Subject Teachers for all our current Transition Year Students and to those who are moving from 3rd Year to 5th Year for 2017-18.
We wish you well in making your subject choices and ask all students to present their completed forms before April 25th 2017.
Guidance Department St. Mary’s CBS Portlaoise.