We wish all our JC and LC students the best of luck as they begin their exams this morning. This is one of those things each student must do for themselves, nobody else can walk into the exam hall and begin the exam for you. This is what you have been preparing for, for some time, and your teachers and your parents have done their best for you to get this far. And you can do it. 

Please find attached here a letter from An Taoiseach, Simon Harris, wishing you all the best as well as reassuring you all that no exam can define you, you are all so much more than that, and there are so many ways to achieve your dreams. And you can. 

Read the paper a few times, pick out your best questions, make sure you are not leaving a section out, some exams are quite complicated and it is was to leave something out. So READ the choices, see what you can do. Then remain in to the last minute and keep writing – as I told you last week, the examiner HAS to mark every single word on each page. And little marks add up. 

Good luck lads!!